Protein purified from venom

Almost all the components of snake venoms are proteins, peptides, and enzymes.

A number of snake venom proteins are used to conduct research of relationship between protein’s structure and function. Some enzymes e.g. phospholipase A2, can be applied in the research of plasmalemma and iron channel. Active factors that interact with blood system are used to study coagulation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet aggregation,complement, kallikrein, bradykinin and protein C. Neurotoxins and NGF are used in the research of neurodevelopment, nerve receptor and neuronal signaling.
Snake venom proteins can also be applied in diagnosis. They are used to detect the blood biological indicators, such as rate of platelet aggregation rate and thrombin coagulation V and X level. These indicators are used to help diagnose blood diseases that are difficult to confirm, e.g. coagulant factor V penia.
 The first step to research a specific protein or develop a new drug from snake venom is to isolate and purify the useful component. ORIENTOXIN-BIOTECH has built a complete high efficiency isolation and purification system. We have done 3D PAGE to the 11 kinds of snake venoms we gathered. Proteins and their isoforms of these venoms can be isolated by our system. We are establishing the characterization methods of these proteins, such as PAGE, HPLC and NMR, and activity analysis methods such as enzymelinked immunosorbent assay, cell and animal experiments.
We supply these purified proteins to researchers over the world and we wish to establish collaborations with other companies. If the proteins you need are not from the venoms we have, we are able to provide customized service. Please contact our research department at